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Project Management ProfessionalAs a professional Project Manager, I feel one of the best ways to accomplish your organizational goals is to work with an individual or a team who has the experience in managing a process and leading  individuals to produce intended outcomes. I love the feeling of meeting with a planning team, examining the a goal that we have set and outlining the steps that will be required to meet that goal. Setting the performance criteria, the key performance indicators, the project budget, and the evaluation methodology is just the beginning of correctly managing a process. Having the drive and the focus to help the team stay on task is a talent not many people possess.

My name is Mike Russell and since 2000 I have worked with educational and community-based organizations across the country to help them improve their instructional effectiveness. As an external agent of change, it would have been impossible for me to help these organizations to achieve their stated goals without internal champions, and managing and inspiring those individuals and teams to work the work breakdown structure (WBS) we have crafted has been one of my specialties.

The purpose of this site is to discuss some of the strategies and techniques that I have used successfully over the years to create the level of systemic change required by the programs we implemented. As a fellow project manager, there is little here you won’t find in a textbook or within the PMBOK Guide. But what I hope to do is to provide you with real world examples of how I applied those concepts you learn in the classroom successfully in the real world. My strategies for project management are lean, mean, focused on getting required results and helping people perform up to their potential.

I love comments and questions, and you can email me anytime at mr@execprojectmanager.com. Please feel free to reach out to me there. I have also included a link to my LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, Google+ profile, and Instagram account. I need to warn you that I try really hard to be the best endurance athlete I can be, so on those accounts you will find a lot of information related to swimming, cycling, mountain biking, and running.

I look forward to interacting with you!

About the Author

I am the author of this site, and what I say goes. I love talking about the benefits of formalized and professional project management and getting stuff done.