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Being a Dad again is great, but adding a child to your family through adoption is awesome. I know this has nothing to do with project management, but this is my website and I set the rules. Call it scope creep if you will, but I am very excited right now.

AdoptionMy wife and I just adopted another baby. We have tried for years to adopt a second kid, but it seemed that we were going to just have the one son. Don’t get me wrong, he is an amazing kid and I was happy with my life if my immediate family was made up of just the three of us. Giving up on adding another child to your family is tough and sad, but it seemed we needed to accept it and move on. So we did.

But then we got a call from some close friends of ours. Actually one of my best friends was also my roommate in college. He lives in New York right now and is a diehard Yankees fan although I don’t hold that against him. His wife called my wife one day and told us about a baby that was going to be put up for adoption. Her sister had adopted the baby’s half-brother and the birth-mother wanted to place the baby with the same family so the brothers could be together. Since they had adopted the first baby the birth-mother had put up for adoption, they had adopted two more kids, so they did not feel like they were ready for more kids at the time.

Immediately my friend’s wife thought of us and that’s when she placed the call to my wife. There were some hurdles – we had to complete the required paperwork, home studies, and other administrative work in less than a week. If you have ever been through the adoption process, you know it is time consuming and very thorough. There were additional requirements because it would also be a transracial adoption.

But everything seemed to just fall into place. The birth-mother came out to our state to give birth and wanted to meet us. So representatives from the agency, the birth mother, and my wife and I went to lunch. Immediately we hit it off – we absolutely adored our birth-mother. Shortly after our meeting, our case worker called and let us know that our birth-mother selected us for placement.

It only took a couple of weeks for the birth of our son. I spent Tyson’s second night in the hospital with him. I would not have traded that time for anything in the world. We actually took Tyson home when he was two days old. It was cool to bring home another baby.

It has been a couple of months since “Bubba” came home with us and it is amazing to me how huge this kid’s personality is. My first son, “Hoss”, is very outgoing and concerned with other people. But he looks like a wall-flower compared to Bubba. I really think I am going to be in serious trouble when Bubba wants to start dating.

Being a project manager, you want to deal with parenthood using some of the same strategies. If you have kids, you know it is next to impossible to “manage” your kids like you manage members of your team. It is so much more chaotic and crazy, but man I love it that way. The alternative is not having kids around.

While project management is a profession, it is just a profession. I want to be the best project manager I can be, utilizing the technique and strategies that thirteen years of experience brings. As an ENTJ achievement is important to me so I will run myself ragged to complete a project on time and within budget. But in the end, jobs will come and go, but my family is what brings me the most joy. Balance in life is important and ultimately makes us more productive.

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